Ragdoll Cat Groomer/Grooming - Herts/Hertfordshire

Rag dolls generally are such a pleasure to groom especially the Tri Coloured, and they have become so popular now!  Unfortunately their coats are so thick and long which makes them very difficult to groom.  I recommend a professional groom just three times per year.


The most important groom is the one at the beginning of Summer (a must for clearing out the old Winter coat), the next one Beginning of Winter and the third the end of Winter, Feb/March.


I offer a Mobile Service covering the whole of Hertfordshire & beyond, this allows your cat to be groomed in the comfort of his/her own home with their owner on hand to give him/her reassurance and confidence throughout the groom.

And we go further afield including Cambridge, Oxfordshire, Essex, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, Bucks, Bedfordshire.


Contact:- Kate – The Mobile Cat Groomer on 07733327128 or email katsteve326@gmail.com

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