A mobile service for all types of cat

Katherine can provide total grooming of all dead hair leaving your cats coat completely knot and matt free. Additionally she can provide a range of clipping and cutting expertise as well as offering fantastic advice that will have your cat happier than ever. How can The Cat Groomer help you?

  • De Matting (either by clipper or comb)
  • Grooming to remove all dead hair
  • Hygiene Clip (Brazilian)
  • Lion Cut (many variations)
  • Nails (when required)
  • Thinning (thick coat is the problem not length)
  • Cleaning of the fur (not bathing, cats hate water)
  • Ears & Eyes (natural treatments)

All these procedures are carried out with confidence, kindness and at the Cat’s own pace!

When the Cat’s coat is very matted or the Cat is old or particularly stressed and angry, two visits are better than one!

We Specialise in difficult and Old Cats

We're Sociable Creatures