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A lot of people ask me if I can groom their Maine Coon because they do not realise that this is the most popular breed of Cat in the Uk and EU now! I groom more Maine Coon’s than any other breed! Sometimes I am called to a home with up to Twenty two Maine Coons, but usually there are two or more, never just one! It seems to be a breed of Cat that people are not happy to just own one of.

Area wise, I cover East London, South East London, West London, South West London, North London and North West London – infact, anywhere really in the Capital!

These can be one of the easiest Cats to groom, they are the typical scardy Cat, frightened of their own shadow, and therefore freeze for the whole groom, so I can get on with it without too much ado.

Their coats are very long and in a lot cases very thick, and as they are so large, In some cases the size of a Spaniel dog, it takes two people to groom them.

I love grooming these wonderful huge adorable Cats, so feel free to call me or email at your convenience! I also groom all kinds of other cats so please ask when you get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you

Contact:- Kate – The Mobile Cat Groomer on 07733327128 or email

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