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Cat Grooming

A mobile service for all types of cat

Katherine can provide total grooming of all dead hair leaving your cats coat completely knot and matt free. Additionally she can provide a range of clipping and cutting expertise as well as offering fantastic advice that will have your cat happier than ever. How can The Cat Groomer help you?

  • Total grooming of all dead hair
  • Thinning and trimming
  • Clipping of your cat where necessary
  • Full clip (Lion cut)
  • Designer clip
  • Nail clipping
  • Bathing and drying
  • Advice on all aspects of cat health and wellbeing
  • Dietary and grooming advice

Did you know nutrition is a key component to a healthy cat coat? The smallest things can make a real difference to the health, happiness and well-being of your cat.

Hygiene Clip

A hygiene clip is where the fur is taken off all around the toilet area of the cat, therefore stopping any waste matter attaching to the coat of the cat.


Clipping takes place when it is impossible to groom the fur where it is matted or knotted without causing pain and distress to the cat.


Trimming can not be done with scissors for two reasons, the first reason is it is very dangerous to use scissors on any cat, the cat will jump and leap without warning. Vet's surgeries are full with cats getting stitched after being cut with scissors by their owners. The second reason, scissors leave a chopped and unnatural look to the cat's coat. Trimming must be done with thinners!


Thinning can be done to thin a cat with a very thick coat leaving a natural look.

Nail Clipping

This procedure is essential in older cats and stay in persians. The nails grow thick and long in older cats, and in many cases grow into the pads of the cat's paw. Nail clipping in young outdoor cats is not advisable, they need their nails to protect themselves and for clinging on when high up.


A wet bath for the everyday mog is a frightening ordeal

We Specialise in difficult Cats