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Hi Katherine, I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you did read more...

Thank you

If you have made a booking, thank you for booking The Mobile Cat Groomer - Greatly Appreciated!

A few helpful hints which will help the grooming progress smoothly & successfully as possible!

    A high surface (kitchen/utility) ideally an ironing board covered with a towel - perfect
    An electrical point and light!
    The CAT please keep in and close off all escape routes.
    Please do not feed your CAT prior to me arriving.
    Check the nails of your cat to see if they need clipping.  Healthy cats that go out need their nails, old and indoor cats do not!

If your property is hard to find please let me know, if it does not have a number how will I find you?  In the dark numbers are hard to see!  House names are often hidden behind bushes, if I can not find you I can not groom your CAT?

Finally I need to be able to park reasonably close to your home as I have a heavy bag to carry, so please inform me of any difficulty with parking - thank you?

I look forward to meeting you and your CAT!

We Specialise in difficult Cats