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With so many 'House Cats' now, clipping of claws has become popular.  Indoor cat's do not need their nails, but outdoor cats do!  I do not recommend the cutting of claws on young or still active outdoor cats.

As the cat gets older and much less energetic it is wise to clip the claws, as

they can grow round into the pads and cause much discomfort and

sometimes infections

If I am called in to just cut the cat's nails, the charge will then be £40! It is not always apropriate to cut the nails, cats' need them to protect themselves against other cats and to grip when they jump from one height to another. 

Old cats need their nails clipped regularly, if not they will grow round into the pad of the paw, and could cause an infection.  House cats also need their claws cut more often. Rabbits nails are easier to cut than cat's nails.


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